How to move files from one FTP Server to one cloud server easily with Air Explorer

Air Explorer supports FTP, Weddad,OneDrive, Google Drive, 4shared, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Copy, Mediafire, Yandex and Baidu. So, this multicloud manager allows  transfer files between a FTP account and a cloud server.

After adding the FTP account and the cloud server accounts, you only have to select them and open one in the left side and the other in the rifht side.



Now, you can start to transfer files between then  by drag & drop.

FTP transfer with Air Explorer

Air Explorer can work as a FTP client. IT allows you to transfer files between your FTP server and your computer or any other of the supported cloud servers.

To add a FTP client in Air Explorer is very easy. First, click in the “Account” button, in the same way you add new clouds.
Add the login data of your FTP account: server, username and password.

After adding FTP in Air Explorer successfully, you can see all contents in FTP are shown in the interface of Air Explorer. Now you can work with your FTP account uploading and downloading files.
With the Pro version you can add several FTP accounts and even copy and synchronize files between them.

How to Move Files Between Cloud Services With Air Explorer

First, you have added accounts of Google Drive/Box/Dropbox/Yandex/Copy/OneDrive/4shared/Adrive/Baidu/Mediafire/Mega to Air Explorer. You can directly transfer files between the above cloud services  just like copy&paste files in Windows Explorer.


Let’s take Onedrive and Google Drive for example:


There are three methods. First method is just dragging file from Onedrive to Google Drive. Select the files or folders and hold the left mouse button to move it.


Second method is copying the file in the Onedrive first then pasting it in Google Drive later.


Third method is using the arrows. Select the files or folders and and click in the arrow.


You can copy&paste in both directions.

How to register in Power Folder and enjoy it in Air Explorer.

Power Folder is a European cloud storage that give you 5GB of free storage. Since Power Folder can work with WebDav, you can include it in Air Explorer:
1-Enter in and click in “Register for Powerfolder free”.
2-Fill the gaps with your data.

3-Open Air Explorer and open the accounts window and choose WEBDAV.
7- Then, a window with a form opens. Fill it with your email, password and the Powerfolder WebDab server FOLDER (
Now, you can use the Power Folder cloud in Air Explorer.


Does Air Explorer use external or own servers to any function?

Does Air Explorer use external or own servers to any function?

Air Explorer never use intermediary servers.

When Air Explorer upload and download files, it doesn’t use any external server for the management of them. The files go directly from the local disk to the cloud you choose.

When the files are exchanged between two servers, the files don’t go through any external server, they pass by your computer which functions as an intermediary.

The account settings are also saved locally on your computer.

In this way, your files and configurations always are private.

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