Air Explorer 1.6.1. for Mac, new version


List of changes:

-Fixed Synology NAS WebDAV support.
-Now it looks much better with the OS X Mojave Dark theme.
-Fixed, selecting a folder in the path control did not work for Amazon Cloud.
-Improved stability.
-Added 2 factor authentication for Mega.
-Fixed Mega can not login in some accounts.
-Uploads of a large number of files are now faster and more reliable in Box.
-Fixed uploading some files to Box did not work.
-Exponential backoff retry control for Box.
-Reduced the number of API requests in Google Drive.
-Reduced the number of API requests in Box.
-Reduced the number of API requests in Dropbox.
-Reduced the number of API requests in OneDrive.
-Better handling of 403 errors on Google Drive.
-Folder structures are created faster on Google Drive.
-Use less API requests when uploading a large number of files on Box.
-Better handling of uploading a large number of small files to Dropbox.
-Better error reporting of uploads and downloads.

How to copy files from Google Drive to Onedrive?

To transfer files from cloud to cloud is very easy with Air Explorer.  First of all you have to install the software. You can downoload  Air Explorer here:

You have to add your Google Drive and Onedrive accounts. Air Explorer supports the most important clouds, you can add all you want and transfer files and folders between them.


Then you have to open in one window one cloud and the other cloud in the other window. No matter the order, you can put one on the right and one on the left indistinctly.


Finally, copy/paste or drag and drop the files or folders between the clouds. You can monitor the process in the bottom of the program, here you can follow the progress.





How to transfer files from Onedrive to Google Drive?

Air Explorer is an easy transfer tool that you can use to transfer files from cloud to cloud. For example, if you have Onedrive and Google Drive accounts, you can move or copy your files between the two clouds.

Step1. Install Air Explorer. Download from and install it in your PC/Mac.


Step2. Add your Onedrive and Google Drive accounts.


Step3. Open in one window one cloud and the other cloud in the other window.


Step4. Copy/paste or drag and drop the files between the clouds.

Share folder support in Air Explorer

Air Explorer already supported sharing links, now it supports share folder for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.
When you share links:
1) The files are read only.
2) The recipient doesn’t need an account.
3) Doesn’t use up other person clouds quota.
4) Password protection is available  in some accounts and clouds.
When you share a folder:
1) It is allowed read/write access
2) User must have an account.
3) Use up the other person quota.
4) Manage the permissions.
When you choose “Share folder” you can manage the permissions that you give, for example, read only permissions or read/write permissions to the other user.
 When you have shared a folder, the folder icon changes for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Shared Box folders are shown now in grey or blue like in the Box web.

Google Drive files shared with me in Air Explorer

If you have a Google Drive account, mayby you are seeing others people files because they shared some files with you (they gave you access). You can enter to your Google Drive via the official web interface and you will see also others people files shared with you in the “Shared with me” section.


Air Explorer only shows what you have access because they gave you access, it is completely impossible for Air Explorer to show others people drives if they din’t give access to you. If you don’t give access to your files you don’t have to worry.

Currently Google Drive has no way to stop others people to share with you files. They can do it by mistake, spam or other reasons. If you don’t want to see the files shared with you by other people you can enter in the Accounts list click on “Edit” and click on “Parametes” then uncheck “View others people drives shared with me” Then restart Air Explorer.

Migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive with Air Explorer

If you want to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive or from Onedrive to Mega with Air Explorer, it is very easy.
Once you’ve registered your cloud accounts in Air Explorer, you only have to open the two clouds and drag files from one to another.

There are no limits of gigas to move from one cloud to another. Also if you have many files and the migration is too long, you can interrupt and resume it later.