Logs in Air Explorer

Air Explorer incorporates the logging tool. It is very useful to save the log events produced like transfers started, completed, failed, etc.

This tool is always activated but you can activate two options to get the log information more deatiled. Open de “Options” window and check “Detailed log” and “Log to file”.

If you activate “Detailed log” you get more log events. If you activate “Log to file”, Air Explorer save the log list.


You can view the logs clicking in View/Logs.



Air Explorer version 1.11.0, new version


List of changes:

-Added logs window.
-Air Explorer uses the system proxy configuartion.
-Added an option to change the proxy settings from Air Explorer options.
-The local network can be browsed and synchronized with any cloud using Air Explorer.
-Added option to log to a file (Pro version only).
-Added option to export logs (Pro version only).
-Added button to cancel the current search.
-Removed limit of files per folder in Box.com.
-Show synchronization configuration window before starting the comparision.
-Fixed cancelling upload or download folders were not cancelled correctly.
-Improved stability.
-Improved performance working with folders with a big number of files.
-Fixed transfer big files from one cloud to Google Drive.
-Added more information while a creating folders structure when uploading entire folders.
-Fixed error uploading small files to Mediafire.
-Fixed trasnfer files from one cloud to Amazon sometimes the files were not refreshed.
-Fixed do not allow to copy folder into subfolder.
-Fixed quota and available space were not displayed correctly in Yandex and some Webdav servers.
-Show information when Air Explorer is hashing a file to compare it with another file.
-The conflict dialog box now is always on top and has better looking.
-Fixed when exit was cancelled the task list was not refreshed anymore.
-Fixed sometimes the tasks list was not refreshed when several Air Explorer windows were opened.
-Fixed wrong download progress reported for some Google Drive files.
-Files names are not truncated in list mode.
-Fixed transfer big files from one cloud to Onedrive.