Air Explorer 2.0.1., new version


List of changes:

-Cleaner interface with new icons and more Windows 10 looking.
-Added scheduler. Now it is possible to schedule synchronizations or file transfers at certain times. Scheduled tasks will run in the background even if Air Explorer is closed.
-Added option to encrypt file names.
-Lower memory usage.
-Added proxy authentication support.
-Option to decrypt local drive files.
-Speed limiter now works better.
-Synchronization tasks now are also limited by the speed limits configured in preferences.
-Synchronization window was not displayed correctly in some screen resolutions.
-Fixed WebDAV connection to some servers like Dattodrive.
-Fixed Box login required after running 2 consecutive synchronizations in command line mode.
-Fixed issue with -runsync command.
-Clear files selection when the current folder is changed.
-Do not show free space and quota for servers that don’t give these values.
-Improved FTP support.
-Fixed issue transferring folders between clouds in command line.
-Double click to open a saved synchronization.
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to 李雅婷 ).
-Updated Rusian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung).

Air Explorer version 1.8.3, new version

List of changes:

-Updated Google Drive, in some circunstances it showed error 400 when a file was uploaded.
-Fixed, file date was not kept when updating files in Google Drive.
-Fixed Synchronization window resizing.
-In the search window now the accounts alias are shown in the list.
-Fixed dates in file properties window.
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Added Indonesian translation (Thanks to elmph123).
-Updated Italian translattion (Thanks to Alex).
-Updated Malay translation (Thanks to elmph123).

Air Explorer version 1.5.0

List of changes:

-Fixed error adding Copy accounts.
-Fixed error connecting to some Mega accounts.
-Now Air Explorer can work much better with a large number of uploading or downloading tasks.
-Improved speed comparing folders for synchronization.
-Fixed bug reports reported.
-Fixed, sometimes Air Explorer could be unresponsive during some time or when it was started and had to load a large task list.
-Improved stability.

Air Explorer version 1.3.3

List of changes:

-Fixed some user names with non western characters were incorrectly displayed for Google Drive and OneDrive accounts.
-Fixed some Mega files could download corrupted.
-Added Norwegian translation (Thanks to Erik).
-Added Malay translation (Thanks to Rakyart).

Air Explorer 1.2.1, new version


List of changes:
-New Window to add cloud accounts easily.
-Option to clear the completed uploads or downloads automatically.
-Fixed non US characters garbled on Google Drive on copy or move until hey were refreshed.
-Fixed move and copy files and folders with non US characters in Yandex.
-Fixed move and copy files and folders with non US characters in Copy.
-Fixed move and copy files and folders with non US characters in Baidu.
-Updated Chinese (Taiwan) translation (Thanks to AFA).
-Updated Chinese (China)  translation (Thanks to AFA).

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