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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 4.9.1, new version

List of changes:-Air Explorer now requires .NET 4.5 or newer.-Added support for Dropbox teams.-Avoid 429 errors on OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint.-In OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint now the 429 and 50x errors are handled better.-Removed Internet Explorer engine dependency to show integrated login pages, now Air Explorer uses Edge engine. To use the newer…
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Cloud categories

Air Explorer is a cloud manager that supports the best cloud storage services. The software has so far added 38 clouds, but you can also add any server with WebDav, FTP, SFT and S3 protocols as Air Explorer is configured to support them. In this way, with only one program you have access to all…
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Air Explorer 4.8.1, new version

List of changes:-Fixed showing file properties did not show all the information.-Fixed issue showing a number of files or folder incorrectly sometimes in the folder properties.-Fixed rare crash when showing folder properties.-Fixed, MS Office files couldn’t be overwritten when they were uploaded to Sharepoint.-Fixed issue copying MS Office files from Sharepoint to Box due to…
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Air Explorer for Mac 1.18.0, new version

List of changes:-Added Degoo cloud support.-Added Alibaba Cloud support.-Added ArvanCloud support.

Air Explorer 4.8.0, new version

List of changes:-Added Degoo cloud support.-Added Alibaba Cloud support.-Added ArvanCloud support.-Fixed, Sharepoint did not show all the sites.-Fixed issue transferring Google Document files to another clouds.-Show multiple file and folder items properties on one window.-Faster synchronizations for Box.-Added a clouds category filter to find easier a cloud provider when adding a new account.-Show error message…
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Encript your files in the cloud

Air Explorer is a manager for files stored in the cloud. The software allows you to manage your files and folders and transfer them from your computer to the cloud or between clouds. When you manage your files, Air Explorer allows you to encrypt your files when uploading them to the clouds so that you…
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Air Explorer for Android, new version

Easy and intuitive application for accessing files and folders across multiple cloud storage servers. Air Explrer for Android give you many useful features such as multi-account support, sync tool, encrypt and decrypt across multiple files and folders and many many more new features are included. You can download Air Explorer for Android from Google Play.…
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How to duplicate cloud files

Air Explorer is a cloud manager that allows you to centralize the management of all your cloud accounts. Air Explorer supports the most important clouds of the moment such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Mega, Dropbox, Yandex, etc… so you can add all your clouds to the software and work with all your accounts from…
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Nutstore file management tool

Nutstore is a Chinese cloud based on the WebDav protocol. You can register and create a Nutstore account from the Chinese website And, once the account is created, you can easily add it to Air Explorer. When you add the Nutstore account to Air Explorer you can start working with your files stored in…
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Air Explorer for Mac 1.17.0, new version

List of changes:-Added support.-Added Nutstore ( support.-Added Orange Flexible Engine.-Now it is possible to duplicate files or folder in cloud accounts, just copy and paste the file or folder to the same location and they will be duplicated.-Faster upload of large files to Dropbox.-Fixed Dropbox seach did not work well for non ASCII characters.-Added…
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