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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Upload and download speed

When you upload and download files wit air Explorer you can control the speed.

The download and upload speed depends on your conexion and the server you use. But, with Air Explorer you can control the speed limits.

From the options window you can choose the upload and download speed limits to be able to control the bandwidth monopolized by Air Explorer.

How to play cloud storage videos online

Air Explorer is a cloud manager that allows you to manage all your files in the clouds. You can paste and copy between clouds, sync and encrypt your files when you upload them to the clouds. You also have the option to play your videos from the cloud, the video will not be stored in your computer, it is directly played from the cloud in the video player on your computer.

Most of the clouds, like Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox, support the playing video feature, also the supported WebDav clouds. Only Mega and Naver don’t support online video play due to their own characteristics.

To play the videos, it is recommended to have VLC installed, since Air Explorer is optimized for this player and will use it automatically. If the player is not installed, Air Explorer will open the video player that you have configured by default in Windows.

Encrypt files when you upload to the cloud

Air Explorer allows you to encrypt files when you upload them to the cloud. It is a very useful feature to protect your files and keep them more secure in case of security flaws in storage services. When you encrypt your photos, documents, videos, etc. when you upload them to the cloud you can prevent your information from being exposed.

Although the storage services such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Yandex, Box, etc. integrate their own security measures, an extra simple security measure is to encrypt the files when you upload them to your cloud so they will be more secure in the event that someone accesses your cloud.

Activating the feature is very easy, click on “Encrypt Uploads”.

When you open the encryption options, you have to choose a password to then decrypt the files. You also have the option to choose to encrypt file and folder names. If you choose these options, the file and folder names will be encrypted.

You also have the option to save the password so you don’t have to enter it every time you download your files. This option for security reasons is not recommended.

If you choose to encrypt the names of files and/or folders, you can see the original names with the button “View original file names for encrypted files”.

When you downoload your files, these will be automatically decrypted, using the previously configured password.

How to manage your clouds recycle bin

Air Explorer has added the Recycle Bin support for Google Drive, Mega, Box, Yandex and PCloud.

The Recycle Bin is a special folder where cloud files go when you delete them, before being permanently deleted. When the file remains in the recycle bin it is easy to restore.

Clicking right buotton on a file or folder in the Recycle Bin, you can choose to delete it permanently, restore it or completely empty the trash.

In Google Drive and Mega, you have the option to move the files to the trash when they are deleted (enabled by default) or permanently delete. If you want to permanently delete, you have to unselect the option in the Parameters window.

View your Shared Drives in Air Explorer

Shared Drives or Google Team Drives is a enterprise storage management system that allows to share spaces to teams, they can store, search, and access their files anywhere. Remember you need a G Suite account to use Shared Drives.

When you add your Google Drive account to Air Explorer, your Shared Drive units will appear in the program. If you already had an account and join a Shared Drive, you do not have to do anything, you can see it directly in Air Explorer.


New search feature in Air Explorer

screenshot air explorer

With Air Explorer you can manage your clouds, copy and paste files between clouds, synchronize folders, make backups,… Now, we have improved the search feature. You can look for all kind the files with the search tool in all the clouds. In this version, you can search in only one folder making your searches faster.

In the Search window you can see the result of your search.

Also, you can do multiples searches and see them thanks to the tabs system.

Air Explorer for Mac, for backups and synchronizations

On the Mac side, users have the option to use Air Explorer for Mac, which is essentially the Mac equivalent to Air Explorer for Windows.

Your Air Explorer for Mac supports the same clouds that the Windows versions. You can work with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, 4shared, Box, Mediafire, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Dropbox, Hidrive, pCloud,, Mega, WebDAV,, Adrive, Magenta Cloud, Stack Storage, Datto Drive, FTP and SFTP.


The features of share links, encrypt your files when you upload or search are in both versions of Air Explorer.

macWith the Mac version you can synchronize folders between any cloud or your computer. You have also the command line tool to synchronize or manage your cloud files.



Work with your Box account in Air Explorer

Air Explorer allows you direct management of your files in the cloud. It’s very easy and when you connect your Box accounts you can synchronize folders between any cloud or your computer.

First, you have to add your Box account in Air Explorer and work easily.



Open your Box account in one side and in the other, open you PC or another cloud account and order and synchronize your files.


With Air Explorer you have the option to choose a view with two panels or one panel.


If you choose one panel view, you can work as Window Explorer with your Box account.


How to move files from Onedrive to Google Drive. Monitor the transfer process.

Air Explorer is a tool to transfer files from cloud to cloud. To move files or folders to Onedrive to Google Drive is very easy.

First of all you have to install the software. You can downoload  Air Explorer here:

Once you have to add your Google Drive and Onedrive accounts.

Then, open in one window your Google Drive account and in the other the Onedrive account. So, you can copy/paste or drag and drop the files or folders between the clouds. You can monitor the process in the bottom of the program, here you can follow the progress.


In the source and destination columns you can check exactly where the files are passing from.


In the size and progress columns you can monitor how the process progresses.


Fast transfer files between Google accounts

When you copy/paste files between Google Drive accounts has an importan advantage. If you copy and paste files between Google shared accounts, the files are transfered directly from one account to another without going through your Pc.

You can share your accounts with Air Explorer. Fisrt, open your Google accounts.


Choose the folder you want to share and click left button and in the menu click Share.


Write the Google account email and give permissions to your destination Google account.


Once shared your account, you can refresh and the folder changes the icon. Then, in the destination account, the source folder can be seen as a Google Drive folder.


When the folder is shared, it is shown inside a disk drive in the destination account. Then you can transfer files quickly between it and other of your Google Drive folders without passing through your computer.