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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer version 1.5.0

List of changes: -Fixed error adding Copy accounts. -Fixed error connecting to some Mega accounts. -Now Air Explorer can work much better with a large number of uploading or downloading tasks. -Improved speed comparing folders for synchronization. -Fixed bug reports reported. -Fixed, sometimes Air Explorer could be unresponsive during some time or when it was…
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Air Explorer version 1.4.1

List of changes: -Fixed issue adding Adrive accounts. -Fixed issue with total speeds. -Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).

Air Explorer version 1.4.0

List of changes: -Export and Import accounts. -Show total upload and download speeds. -Show total progress. -Fixed transfers from FTP servers to other clouds or other FTP servers. -Improved stability.

Air Explorer version 1.3.3

List of changes: -Fixed some user names with non western characters were incorrectly displayed for Google Drive and OneDrive accounts. -Fixed some Mega files could download corrupted. -Added Norwegian translation (Thanks to Erik). -Added Malay translation (Thanks to Rakyart).

Air Explorer version 1.3.2

List of changes: -Fixed crash starting Air Explorer in some computers. -Added Romanian translation (Thanks to Adrian). -Added Catalan translation (Thanks to Victor). -Updated Russian translation (Thanks to Dimitry). -Added Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung). -Added Vietnamese translation (Thanks to Do Van Lam).

Air Explorer 1.3.1, new version

List of changes: -Added FTP accounts support. -Fixed reported errors. -Option to reorder accounts list. -Fixed problema with Option button.

Air Explorer 1.2.1, new version

List of changes: -New Window to add cloud accounts easily. -Option to clear the completed uploads or downloads automatically. -Fixed non US characters garbled on Google Drive on copy or move until hey were refreshed. -Fixed move and copy files and folders with non US characters in Yandex. -Fixed move and copy files and folders…
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Air Explorer 1.2.0., new version now supports 4shared

List of changes: -Added new cloud: -Fixed: Baidu accounts couldn’t be added on some computers -Select item in the list by typing. -Folders tree is sorted alphabetically -Added Hebrew translation (Thanks to Mor). -Added Dutch translation (Thanks to Francis and Boni). -Added Danish translation (Thanks to Lasse).

Air Explorer 1.1.3, new version

List of changes: -Pause and resume uploads for OneDrive. -Removed 100 MB upload file size limit for OneDrive. -Fixed problem displaying folders with many items. -Fixed problem displaying OneDrive shared items with me. -Fixed problem login in some OneDrive accounts. -Fixed duplicated items displayed for some uploads. -Fixed other errors reported. -Updated Turkish translation (Thanks…
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Air Explorer 1.1.2, new version

List of changes: -Open files from any cloud directly. -View files thumbnails fixed. -Fixed errors reported. -Added Turkish translation (Thanks to Ertu─črul). -Added German translation (Thanks to Oliver). -Updated English translation (Thanks to Oliver). -Added Chinese (Taiwan) translation (Thanks to AFA). -Added Chinese (China) translation (Thanks to AFA). -Added Polish translation (Thanks to Konrad).