Command-line to sync in Air Explorer

Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Command-line to sync in Air Explorer

Air Explorer has the option to use a command line to start a synchronization automatically.

If you want to use it, first you have to save a synchronization.


Open the command-line window. To open it, click on the start button and type CMD.


Then, write the command: AirExplorer.exe -runsync [SyncName]
Repalace [SyncName] with the name you used to save the synchronization task.


This command can be used in the Windows Task Scheduler to Schedule periodic synchronizations.

This feature is only available to Pro users.

5 Responses

  1. Hello, Is there any way to add an account of dropbox via line command?
    Im having many problems with the internet explorer navigator in my win7, i cannot update it, so, i cannot also use new plugins.
    When i try to add an account of dropbox, it appears a page very old withouth flash or java.
    in this way, i cannot add dropbox for airexplorer.
    As i cannot, how i can change the navigator to use for example opera or chrome when i want to add other account? thanks

    • admin says:

      It is not possible use another browser. You can add the account in Air Explorer in other computer, then export the account list and finally import it in your Pc.

  2. tommy says:

    for running AirExplorer.exe -runsync [SyncName]

    is it possible to show the log which success or failed ?

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