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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 1.15.1., new version

List of changes: -Updated Onedrive for Business: some accounts couldn’t be added, fixed errors uploading some files. -Updated Dropbox to API version 2. -Updated Polish language (Thanks to Janusz). -Updated Dutch translation (Thanks to Jan). -Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey). -Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).

Migrate from OneDrive to Mega with Air Explorer

If you work with OneDrive but the 5 GB for free are not enough and you do not want to pay 2 € a month for 50 GB, you have the option to create a MEGA account that offers 50 GB for free. Migrating your files from OneDrive to Mega is easy thanks to Air…
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Register OneDrive for Business account in Air Explorer

First, you have to create an account in OneDrive for Business. If the OneDrive for business account is inside an organization, it needs to have administrator rights to be able to connect with 3rd party applications or the administrator must give the user account rights to use 3rd party applications. Follow the steps on the…
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OneDrive for Busineess in Air Explorer

OneDrive for Business is included in Air Explorer now. Onedrive offers their users a version of his cloud dedicated for business with specific features to use the cloud in your job. You can sign up and and get 30 day trial to know its advantages. Since that moment, you can add your Onedrive for Business…
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Migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive with Air Explorer

If you want to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive or from Onedrive to Mega with Air Explorer, it is very easy.Once you’ve registered your cloud accounts in Air Explorer, you only have to open the two clouds and drag files from one to another. There are no limits of gigas to move from one…
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Air Explorer introductory video in Japanese

Thanks to kazu Taka for his Air Explorer introductory video.

Add OneDrive accounts in Air Explorer

You can use several accounts of OneDirve or the others cloud servers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Mega, Yandex, Baidu,..) in your PC thanks to Air Explorer. You can check more information here:Amazon S3 file manager and backup toolSharepoint file manager and synchronization toolWork with your Box account in Air Explorer