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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Strato HiDrive in Air Explorer


Air Explorer has added Strato HiDrive, a german cloud server with certified data security that gives you 5 GB for free.


You can add it to Air Explorer easily. First sign up in Strato HiDrive and create your own account. In Air Explorer open the Account window, select the Strato HiDrive logo and enter your user and password.


Then you can work with it. Strato HiDrive support in Air Explorer includes viewing thumbnails, video playback, file searching, transfers to and from other servers, etc.

Remember, you have to work with the folders “public” or “users”, outside this folders you can not add any file.


Air Explorer version 1.9.0, new version


List of changes:

-Added support for HiDrive Strato.
-Now AirExplorer keeps the dates of the uploaded files to DropBox.
-Now AirExplorer keeps the dates of the uploaded files to OneDrive.
-Fixed incorrect dates for some Webdav servers.
-In some webdav servers like owncloud the date of the uploaded file is preserved.
-Fixed folders with the # character in the name in Dropbox.
-Fixed error in synchronize window.
-Fixed file transfers from FTP to Google Drive.
-Now the user does not have to enter Baidu login creadentials each 30 days.
-Arrow buttons are enabled/disabled when a transfer is possible.