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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 3.0.6, new version

List of changes:

-Updated mail.ru support.
-Fixed, some pcloud accounts could not be added.
-Fixed some ftp accounts could not be added.
-Fixed problem with Google Drive and disks containing the character “/” in the name.
-Fixed problem with Google Shared Drives names with scheduled tasks.
-Fixed problem with download retries in OneDrive.
-Show error information when a delete operation fails in Google Drive.
-Show the speed in MB/s for speeds faster than 1000 KB/s.
-Better control of upload requests for Dropbox.
-Improved stability.
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to Kyung-Sin).

Air Explorer 3.0.5, new version

List of changes:

-Fixed mail.ru support.
-Fixed FTPS could not connect to some servers.
-Options window was not displayed correctly in some resolutions.
-Updated S3 support.
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).   

Air Explorer 2.5.4, new version


List of changes:

-Fixed Mediafire uploads.
-Google Slide will be copied as PowerPoint(.pptx) instead of pdf.
-Fixed Synology NAS WebDAV support.
-Fixed some mail.ru accounts can not load.
-Show logs for errors reading accounts.
-Disable 0 value in bandwidth scheduler.
-Synchronize between local files now show logs for each file copied.
-Fixed issue when adding a repetition interval on the scheduled task.
-Fixed bandwidth scheduler did not look good on screens configured to more than 100% screen resolution.
-Copy arrows were not enabled to copy files between local locations.
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Added Myanmar Language translation (thanks to Chit Soe).

Country specific clouds in Air Explorer

countriesAir Explorer supports many clouds, among them the most famous as OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud DriveBox, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire,…

But Air Explorer also supports other clouds, famous in their countries of origin as Baidu, Naver (네이버 클라우드), Cloud.mail.ru and Yandex. They are very powerful clouds that we can be accessed very easily from any country and offer us a lot of storage space. Baidu give you 2TB of free storage, Yandex 10GB, Naver, 30GB and Mail.ru offers 25GB.

Don’t miss the oportunity to try these clouds with Air Explorer.


Air Explorer 2.1.1., new version


List of changes:
-Two factor auth support for Mail.ru
-Added hash synchronization support for Dropbox.
-Fixed max 500 items in Mail.ru folders.
-Hash synchronization option was not displayed correctly for saved tasks.
-Filter and custom synchronization options were not displayed correctly for saved tasks.
-Show the Air Explorer version in the logs.
-Reduced the chances of getting max requests limit on Box.
-Fixed uploading files to Mediafire.
-Fixed saving synchronizations with accounts with the same name for the same cloud but different alias.

Cloudmail.ru in Air Explorer

Air Explorer is always adding new cloud file servers as a Cloudmail.ru to be the most complete software to manage cloud servers.

Cloudmail.ru is a Russian cloud server that gives you 25 GB of free for your files. You can add it to Air Explorer easily.

First sign up in Cloudmail.ru and create your own account.


Part of the sign up process is to create an email account.


When you finish to sing up in Cloudmail.ru, in Air Explorer open the Account window, select the Cloudmail.ru logo and enter your user/email account and password.



Then you can work with it. Cloudmail.ru support in Air Explorer includes viewing thumbnails, file searching, transfers to and from other servers, etc.

Air Explorer 1.13.0., new version


List of changes:

-Added Cloud Mail.ru support (files up to 2 GB).
-Fixed FTP connections to some servers.
-Fixed FTP file dates for some servers.
-Play audio files online with VLC or your default player.
-Fixed save synchronization button was not visible in low resolution screens.
-Updated Polish translation (thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Lithuanian translation (thanks to Hobis).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).