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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 4.5.1, new version

List of changes: -Fixed, some Mega uploads did not finish well.-Mega now keeps the file date on uploads.-pCloud now keeps the file date on uploads.-Added new setting on OneDrive for Business to limit the number of requests per second.-Fixed 429 errors on OneDrive for Business.-Improved FTP compatibility.-Added support for Opendrive chunked uploads.-Added new button to…
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New version: Air Explorer 2.4.0 & Air Explorer for Mac 1.5.0

List of changes of Air Explorer 2.4.0 for Windows: -Added hash comparison support for OneDrive. -Added files history support for OneDrive. -Added Sharing folder support for OneDrive. -Added upload files to shared OneDrive folders (you will need to remove and add the OneDrive account again to use this feature). -Improved OneDrive speed. -OneDrive migrated to…
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Air Explorer 2.3.5 new version

List of changes: -Updated Mega. -Updated Naver. -Added an option in the View menu to mount cloud drives as local drives in Windows using the Air Live Drive tool. -Keep file dates when uploading files to OneDrive for Business. -Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE). -Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey). -Updated Chinese translation (thanks…
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OneDrive for Busineess in Air Explorer

OneDrive for Business is included in Air Explorer now. Onedrive offers their users a version of his cloud dedicated for business with specific features to use the cloud in your job. You can sign up and and get 30 day trial to know its advantages. Since that moment, you can add your Onedrive for Business…
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Air Explorer version 1.12.0, new version

List of changes: -Added OneDrive for Business support (Only Pro version). -In OneDrive now you can create folders with a name starting with a dot “.”. -Fixed, FTP port could not be set. -Rename saved synchronization tasks. -Option to hide the drives of other people that are sharing folders with me in Google Drive. -Updated…
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