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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

MagentaCLOUD in Air Explorer

Air Explorer is always adding new cloud file servers as a MagentaCloud to be the most complete software to manage cloud servers.

MagentaCLOUD is a German cloud server that gives you 10 GB of free and secure disk space for your files. You can add it to Air Explorer easily.

First sign up in MagentaCLOUD and create your own account.


Air Explorer has pre-configurated the webDav protocol to use MagentaCLOUD, then is very easy to add your account. You only have to add your user and password and then you can use your MagentaCLOUD account in Air Explorer.



Be aware that for Magenta you need to enter a different password for accessing with Air Explorer. You need to configure a specific password to configure your account in the program.

Check this help to configure the password:


Does Air Explorer use external or own servers to any function?

Does Air Explorer use external or own servers to any function?

Air Explorer never use intermediary servers.

When Air Explorer upload and download files, it doesn’t use any external server for the management of them. The files go directly from the local disk to the cloud you choose.

When the files are exchanged between two servers, the files don’t go through any external server, they pass by your computer which functions as an intermediary.

The account settings are also saved locally on your computer.

In this way, your files and configurations always are private.