How to register in Opendrive and enjoy it in Air Explorer.

OpenDrive is a cloud storage that give you 5GB of free storage. Since OpenDrive can work with WebDav, you can include it in Air Explorer.

1-Enter in and click in “Sign up”.


2-Fill the gaps with your data.


You can find the address to the OpenDrive webdav in the OpenDrive web page.


3-Open Air Explorer and open the accounts window and choose WEBDAV.


4- Then, a window with a form opens. Fill it with your email, password and the OpenDrive WebDab server FOLDER (


Now, you can use the OpenDrive cloud in Air Explorer.


Use Air Explorer to upload files to Rapidgator

Rapidgator is not a complete cloud drive, it is just a file hosting site. But, Rapidgator allows to upload files by FTP, so you can use this feature with Air Explorer to upload your files to Rapidgator easily.

First you have to enter in your Rapidgator Account and visit “Upload file”, where you will find your login, password and the name of the Rapidgator server.



With this information, open Air Explorer and configure your Rapidgator FTP account.



Finally, you will have your Rapidgator FTP account available in your Air Explorer panel.


Have in mind that when you upload by FTP to Rapidgator, you can upload only to the root folder and once you have uploaded your files, you will not be able to view and modify them by FTP.

How to import an export cloud accounts in Air Explorer

Import an export cloud accounts is possible in the new Air Explorer version.

Once you have added for the first time your cloud accounts, you can choose in the Accounts Windows the option to export the list of accounts. You will be asked for a file name to save the exported list and a password to protect it.



Once you save the accounts list, you can restore the list in the same or another computer.

Simultaneous uploads and donwloads in Air Explorer

Air Explorer Options give you the oportunity of change the simultaneous uploads and downloads.

Air Explorer has a default to allow you to download and upload 5 items at the same time. Changing this, is not as simple as going into Options and changing a setting.


In some cases, depending on your connection or the server, increasing the number of simultaneous downloads and uploads will increase the global speed but, if you reach your connection limit it could go even slower or affect you browser speed. We advise you to try different values to get the best permormance for your connection.

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