Back up and transfer OneDrive files


OneDrive is a cloud storage solution designed for Microsoft users. It allows you to store personal data, files, photos, and documents securely. OneDrive offers 5 GB of free cloud storage for all users. This space is sufficient for storing basic documents like text files, spreadsheets, and presentations, along with some photos and videos. If you need more space, consider subscribing to Microsoft 365 for additional storage options and premium features. With Air Explorer, files on OneDrive can be easily transferred to Box, Dropbox, FTP, WebDAV, S3, Mega, Terabox and other services for backup or synchronisation.

5GB free storage space​

OneDrive offers storage options ranging from 5 GB to 6TB.

Integration with Microsoft 365

OneDrive seamlessly integrates with Office 365 applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making collaboration and file sharing easier.

Efficient File Syncing

OneDrive uses a technology called Block Level Copying, which breaks large files into smaller chunks for faster syncing.

Secure Collaboration

You can share files and collaborate with colleagues, even if they use different devices or platforms.

Functions of OneDrive in Air Explorer​​

Air Explorer is an application designed to manage various cloud storage services and facilitate the transfer of data between them. You can add OneDrive to enjoy more functions provided by Air Explorer. Please download and test it.

Backup PC to Onedrive

Air Explorer provides a seamless way to backup files between your PC and OneDrive, ensuring that your data remains securely stored and easily accessible.

Synchronize from OneDrive to other clouds

Air Explorer allows you to transfer files between major cloud storage services. Additionally, it provides seamless synchronization of folders across various clouds and your local computer.

Schedule OneDrive backups

Scheduling your synchronizations between clouds with Air Explorer ensure data consistency and prevent data loss and enhance backup strategies.

OneDrive​ File Seach tool

The Air Explorer search tool facilitates file retrieval in the cloud, making it easier to locate your files.

Encrypt files in OneDrive

Encrypting your files with Air Explorer ensures they remain secure protect them against unauthorized modifications.

OneDrive Data Migration

With Air Explorer it is possible to efficiently migrate your data from your local network to OneDrive or from another cloud to OneDrive.

Manage your OneDrive files using the command line

With Air Explorer you can use the command line to copy, move or transfer OneDrive files.

Edit Onedrive files

Use Air Explorer to open and edit your files in OneDrive, without having to download and upload them manually.

Storage services supported by Air Explorer

With Air Explorer, manage the transfer, synchronization and security of your data across more than 40 cloud storage services.

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