Back up and transfer Terabox files


TeraBox is a cloud storage platform that offers up to 1 TB of free storage for your files. Similar to services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, TeraBox allows you to remotely store various types of files, including documents (such as Word and PDF files), photos, videos, movies, databases, and more. Additionally, TeraBox prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring protection through robust storage capacity and advanced technology certifications. Using Air Explorer, files on Terabox can be effortlessly transferred to OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP, WebDAV, S3, Mega, Box, and other services, as well as backed up or synchronized.

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1TB free storage space

TeraBox offers 1024 GB of free cloud storage to all users and 2TB to Premiun users.

Multi-speed play video & audio

You can speed up or slow down the playback rate according to your preference.

TeraBox protects data security

Prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring protection through advanced technology .

TeraBox offers a Referral Program

The cloud allows you to earn money by inviting others or viewing for shared video content.

Functions of Terabox in Air Explorer

Air Explorer is an application designed to manage various cloud storage services and facilitate the transfer of data between them. You can add Terabox to enjoy more functions provided by Air Explorer. Please download and test it.

Backup PC to Terabox

You can easily backup your computer or another cloud in Terabox thanks to its high storage capacity.

Synchronize from Terabox to other clouds

To trasnfer between different cloud storage services, you’ll need a cloud-to-cloud manager.Air Explorer simplifies file management and synchronization across multiple clouds.

Schedule Terabox backups

By scheduling your synchronizations, you can set the frequency with which they are performed so that your files are always up to date in your backup.

Terabox​ File Seach tool

Searching for your files in the cloud will be easier thanks to the Air Explorer search tool.

Encrypt files in Terabox

Encryption ensures that your data remains confidential and protected from potential security issues.

Command Line with Terabox

Use the command line to backup, synchronize and manage your files in Terabox.

Storage services supported by Air Explorer

With Air Explorer, manage the transfer, synchronization and security of your data across more than 40 cloud storage services.

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