Back up and transfer Degoo files


Degoo Cloud is a premium cloud storage service that offers 5000 GB of secure and encrypted storage. Whether you’re using Android, iOS, or the web, Degoo provides a seamless experience for managing your files and memories. Syncing your PC with Degoo Cloud using Air Explorer makes managing files easier, improves accessibility, and gives you peace of mind. It’s a practical solution for safeguarding your data and staying organized. Syncing your PC with Degoo Cloud using Air Explorer makes managing files easier, improves accessibility, and gives you peace of mind.

20GB free storage space​

Degoo offers 20 GB cloud space for free and 5000 GB cloud space in the pro plan.

End-to-End Encryption

Degoo emphasizes security by using zero-knowledge encryption. This means that only you have access to your files, and even Degoo cannot read or access your data.

AI-Powered Memories

Degoo’s AI analyzes your photos and highlights memorable moments. It creates a private feed of your best memories, making it easy to revisit and share them with loved ones.

File Sharing

Degoo allows you to share files securely with end-to-end encryption. You can send large files to friends, family, or colleagues without compromising privacy.

Functions of Degoo in Air Explorer​​

Air Explorer is an application designed to manage various cloud storage services and facilitate the transfer of data between them. You can add Degoo to enjoy more functions provided by Air Explorer. Please download and test it.

Backup PC to Degoo

You can easily backup your computer in Google Drive or backup your Google Drive files in your PC.

Synchronize from Degoo to other clouds

With Air Explorer, you can seamlessly sync files between your Degoo account with other clouds, ensuring that your data is securely stored and readily available whenever you need it.

Schedule Degoo backups

Using Air Explorer to schedule cloud synchronizations ensures consistent data, prevents loss, and enhances backup strategies.

Degoo File Seach tool

With the search tool of Air Explorer, finding your files in the cloud is easy!

Encrypt files in Degoo

Encrypting your files with Air Explorer ensures their security and protects them against unauthorized modifications.

Command Line with Degoo

You can use the command line interface to perform backup, synchronisation, and file management tasks in OneDrive.

Storage services supported by Air Explorer

With Air Explorer, manage the transfer, synchronization and security of your data across more than 40 cloud storage services.

Google Drive