Air Explorer 1.14.0., new version

Air Explorer 1.14.0., new version


List of changes:

-Support for Command Line (more info).
-Faster start of upload folders, folders are created while uploading.
-Faster start of transfer folders, folders are created while transferring and calculates the total size up to 8 times faster.
-Faster start of download folders, analyze the folders now is up to 8x faster and folders are created while downloading.
-Improved upload performance to Mediafire.
-Auto refresh free space indicator each 10 MB uploaded if free space <1 GB or each 100 MB uploaded if free space > 1 GB.
-Copied cloud files now can be pasted as text to get the full path of a file or folder (this text can be used easily later in the Air Explorer command line tool).
-Fixed error showing logs window.
-Fixed issue with some file names in WebDAV.
-Fixed issue moving accounts up or down.
-Fixed issue removing accounts with the same name.
-Fixed issue importing accounts with the same name.
-Fixed folder type in folder properties window.
-Accounts window can now be resized.
Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung).

4 Responses

  1. Customer says:

    Background Sync would be good. So I could make a Windows Task for Syncing every X Hour without Air Exploer Pop-up and get me on my nervs when I play Games or Work on something.

  2. VideoPortal says:

    The Design Space app that is used with the Explore Air machine requires an Ipad 2 or higher to be compatible with the app.

  3. Scott says:

    It’s a great tool! However, when I upload lots of files from FTP to my Google Drive, it works in the beginning. But later it repeatedly appears a new window and asks for username and password of my google account. This login window causes stopping uploading. Is there any solution? Thank you.

  4. Good post! Thanks!!

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