Air Explorer 1.16.2., new version

Air Explorer 1.16.2., new version

airexplorer_new version02

List of changes:

-Added SFTP support.
-Fixed mime type for mp4 files uploading to Google Drive.
-Added priority menu to move the items up or down un the transfers list, shortcuts:(Crtl + and Ctrl -).
-Added button to share the files by email.
-New keyboard shorcuts:
-F2 key to rename a file.
-Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new folder.
-F5 to refresh current folder.
-Enter to open a file or folder.
-Backspace or Alt+Left arrow to view the previous folder.
-Alt+Right arrow to view the next folder.
-Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 to close the current tab.
-Ctrl+Tab to change the selected Tab.
-Alt+Enter to view the file or folder properties.
-Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel to change the size of the file and folder icons.
-Alt + Up arrow to View the folder that the folder was in.
-Local folders content will be fully refreshed before a synchronization automatically.
-My cloud drive will always be on top of the folders tree when there are other drives shared with me (in Google Drive or Onedrive accounts).
-Fixed, when syncrhonizing with a network drive a delete confirmation was displayed for local network items.
-Fixed, some Mediafire accounts with special characters in the email didn’t work.
-Fixed upload 0 bytes sixe files to Mediafire.

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