Air Explorer 2.3.0 new version

Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 2.3.0 new version

newversion naver

We have added the Korean cloud Naver and updated Onedrive for Business.

List of changes:
-Added Naver Cloud (네이버 클라우드).
-Updated HiDrive.
-Updated OneDrive for Business.
-Reduced memory usage in synchronizations.
-New command line command to run a synchronization without saving it first, example:
startsync local “C:\MyLocalFolder” MyBoxAccount “Folder1\SubFolder” Mirror /enablehash
Run AirExplorerCmd.exe startsync for more help.
-New command line parameter to send the output to a file: /logfile=
It can include the macro {DATE} to include the current date in the log file name, for example:
-Scheduled tasks can now have the macro {DATE} in the log file name, in this way one log file per day with the date in YYYYMMDD format will be created.
-New option to start the synchronization automatically when the comparison finishes.
-Scheduled tasks and command line commands only output the log to their log files, never to the default Air Explorer log file.
-Fixed close synchronization window while comparing did not stop the comparison if done using the the X button.
-To save memory only the latest 10000 log lines are kept in memory and shown in the log Window. To have the full log check the log file.


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  1. Nico says:

    great program.
    I’m using the HUBIC cloud but there is no plugin for it in the Air Explorer.
    It would be very nice if you could write a plugin for Hubic cloud provider.

    Thank you.

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