Air Explorer 2.3.0 new version

Air Explorer 2.3.0 new version

newversion naver

We have added the Korean cloud Naver and updated Onedrive for Business.

List of changes:
-Added Naver Cloud (네이버 클라우드).
-Updated HiDrive.
-Updated OneDrive for Business.
-Reduced memory usage in synchronizations.
-New command line command to run a synchronization without saving it first, example:
startsync local “C:\MyLocalFolder” MyBoxAccount “Folder1\SubFolder” Mirror /enablehash
Run AirExplorerCmd.exe startsync for more help.
-New command line parameter to send the output to a file: /logfile=
It can include the macro {DATE} to include the current date in the log file name, for example:
-Scheduled tasks can now have the macro {DATE} in the log file name, in this way one log file per day with the date in YYYYMMDD format will be created.
-New option to start the synchronization automatically when the comparison finishes.
-Scheduled tasks and command line commands only output the log to their log files, never to the default Air Explorer log file.
-Fixed close synchronization window while comparing did not stop the comparison if done using the the X button.
-To save memory only the latest 10000 log lines are kept in memory and shown in the log Window. To have the full log check the log file.


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