Air Explorer 2.5.0 new version

Air Explorer 2.5.0 new version


List of changes:

-Now it is possible to transfer from Mega to other clouds.
-Fixed, some Mega accounts could not login.
-Fixed, some Naver accounts could not login.
-Fixed, some pCloud accounts could not login.
-Option to download big files in parallel chunks to get a much better download speed in high speed Internet connections. This option is only for Pro users. The server supporting this feature are Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and pCloud.
-Increased upload speeds for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.
-New setting for Box accounts to specify the number of chunks that will be uploaded in parallel.
-Fixed issue comparing file names. It could cause a conflict upload error on Box.
-Fixed error connecting to SFTP server using not the default port.
-Fixed downloading files from a folder in with a dot at the end of the name.
-New macro {DATETIME} to include the date and the time in the command line logs file name or synchronization reports, until now only {DATE} was available.
Fixed uploading 0 bytes size files to pCloud.
-Updated Italian translation (thanks to Alex).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).
-Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung).
-Updated Malay translation (Thanks to Molokal).

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