Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

The Air Explorer website in Portugues-br

We have published the Air Explorer website in Portugues-br (thanks to Weslley).

Air Explorer Video Tutorial

Thanks to MGtech for creating this tutorial about installing and using Air Explorer in Spanish. You can check more information here:-Air Explorer dark mode-Air Explorer, manage all your cloud storage accounts using just one program-How to buy Air Explorer and get all its features

Air Explorer version 1.3.3

List of changes: -Fixed some user names with non western characters were incorrectly displayed for Google Drive and OneDrive accounts. -Fixed some Mega files could download corrupted. -Added Norwegian translation (Thanks to Erik). -Added Malay translation (Thanks to Rakyart).

How to buy Air Explorer and get all its features

Unlimited accounts per cloud, encrypt uploads and downloads, save and load synchronizations, unlimited simultaneus downloads and uploads and starting up password are the features you can enjoy if you buy Air Explorer Pro version. Getting the Pro Version is very easy.¬† You can access the page of sale since the software. Or you can just…
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How copy/paste or drag&drop between Air Explorer and the Windows Explorer

When you work with Air Explorer, the program gives you the feature to copy/paste between the clouds that you have open in Air Explorer and the desktop or any folder in your computer. In addition to copy/paste you can drag&drop files and folders directly to the clouds you have open at Air Explorer.

The Air Explorer website in Polish

We have published the Air Explorer website in Polish (thanks to Judykator).

How to move files from one FTP Server to one cloud server easily with Air Explorer

Air Explorer supports FTP, Weddad,OneDrive, Google Drive, 4shared, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Copy, Mediafire, Yandex and Baidu. So, this multicloud manager allows¬† transfer files between a FTP account and a cloud server. After adding the FTP account and the cloud server accounts, you only have to select them and open one in the left side and…
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Air Explorer version 1.3.2

List of changes: -Fixed crash starting Air Explorer in some computers. -Added Romanian translation (Thanks to Adrian). -Added Catalan translation (Thanks to Victor). -Updated Russian translation (Thanks to Dimitry). -Added Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung). -Added Vietnamese translation (Thanks to Do Van Lam).

FTP transfer with Air Explorer

Air Explorer can work as a FTP client. IT allows you to transfer files between your FTP server and your computer or any other of the supported cloud servers. To add a FTP client in Air Explorer is very easy. First, click in the “Account” button, in the same way you add new clouds. Add…
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Air Explorer 1.3.1, new version

List of changes: -Added FTP accounts support. -Fixed reported errors. -Option to reorder accounts list. -Fixed problema with Option button.