Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

How to Move Files Between Cloud Services With Air Explorer

First, you have added accounts of Google Drive/Box/Dropbox/Yandex/Copy/OneDrive/4shared/Adrive/Baidu/Mediafire/Mega to Air Explorer. You can directly transfer files between the above cloud services  just like copy&paste files in Windows Explorer.


Let’s take Onedrive and Google Drive for example:


There are three methods. First method is just dragging file from Onedrive to Google Drive. Select the files or folders and hold the left mouse button to move it.


Second method is copying the file in the Onedrive first then pasting it in Google Drive later.


Third method is using the arrows. Select the files or folders and and click in the arrow.


You can copy&paste in both directions.

Air Explorer is ranked TOP10 popular articles on Vector

The review of Air Explorer is ranked TOP10 popular articles in May 2015 on the website Vector.

vector_listYou can read the Air Explorer review here:


Air Explorer 1.2.1, new version


List of changes:
-New Window to add cloud accounts easily.
-Option to clear the completed uploads or downloads automatically.
-Fixed non US characters garbled on Google Drive on copy or move until hey were refreshed.
-Fixed move and copy files and folders with non US characters in Yandex.
-Fixed move and copy files and folders with non US characters in Copy.
-Fixed move and copy files and folders with non US characters in Baidu.
-Updated Chinese (Taiwan) translation (Thanks to AFA).
-Updated Chinese (China)  translation (Thanks to AFA).

Air Explorer 1.2.0., new version now supports 4shared


List of changes:
-Added new cloud:
-Fixed: Baidu accounts couldn’t be added on some computers
-Select item in the list by typing.
-Folders tree is sorted alphabetically
-Added Hebrew translation (Thanks to Mor).
-Added Dutch translation (Thanks to Francis and Boni).
-Added Danish translation (Thanks to Lasse).

Full manual in Japanese

The website Pjoy has worked in an interesting manual, full and in Japanese.

You can see it here:

How to register in Power Folder and enjoy it in Air Explorer.

Power Folder is a European cloud storage that give you 5GB of free storage. Since Power Folder can work with WebDav, you can include it in Air Explorer:
1-Enter in and click in “Register for Powerfolder free”.
2-Fill the gaps with your data.

3-Open Air Explorer and open the accounts window and choose WEBDAV.
7- Then, a window with a form opens. Fill it with your email, password and the Powerfolder WebDab server FOLDER (
Now, you can use the Power Folder cloud in Air Explorer.


The Air Explorer website in Italian

We have published the Air Explorer website in Italian (thanks to Diego).

Add OneDrive accounts in Air Explorer

You can use several accounts of OneDirve or the others cloud servers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Mega, Yandex, Baidu,..) in your PC thanks to Air Explorer.