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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Fast transfer files between Google accounts

When you copy/paste files between Google Drive accounts has an importan advantage. If you copy and paste files between Google shared accounts, the files are transfered directly from one account to another without going through your Pc.

You can share your accounts with Air Explorer. Fisrt, open your Google accounts.


Choose the folder you want to share and click left button and in the menu click Share.


Write the Google account email and give permissions to your destination Google account.


Once shared your account, you can refresh and the folder changes the icon. Then, in the destination account, the source folder can be seen as a Google Drive folder.


When the folder is shared, it is shown inside a disk drive in the destination account. Then you can transfer files quickly between it and other of your Google Drive folders without passing through your computer.



Air Explorer, manage all your cloud storage accounts using just one program

Air Explorer(1)

Air Explorer is a powerfull tool to manage all your clouds together. You only have to configure your accounts in Air Explorer. Then you only have to open one program to control all your storage sites.

Add your Google Drive accounts, your Onedrive accounts, your Naver accounts,… and manage your files, sync between clouds or make backups only with Air Explorer.

View shared files in Air Explorer

You can view all the files in all your cloud servers accounts from Air Explorer.
Also, you can view other accounts that are sharing something with you.


So, if you see any account that is not yours, remember that someone shared with you some files.

Work with 2 FTP accounts in Air Explorer

Air Explorer allows to work between two or more FTP accounts.

First, add your FTP accounts.

add_ftpaccounts01         add_ftpaccounts02

Once you have added the FTP accounts, you can open one FTP account in one side, and open in the other side the other FTP account.


You can paste, copy, drag&drop, between the two windows with FTP accounts.


How to import an export cloud accounts in Air Explorer

Import an export cloud accounts is possible in the new Air Explorer version.

Once you have added for the first time your cloud accounts, you can choose in the Accounts Windows the option to export the list of accounts. You will be asked for a file name to save the exported list and a password to protect it.



Once you save the accounts list, you can restore the list in the same or another computer.

How to change the displayer account names in Air Explorer?

You can change the names of  your cloud accounts in Air Explorer. First, open the Accounts Window.


Next, you have to select the account you want to change the name and click “Edit”.


Finally, you can change the data (name, cloud, display name and description) in the Edit Account Window.