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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

How to use Backblaze in Air Explorer

Backblaze is a company that provides online backup and cloud storage services. You can use it to back up your personal or business data. You can also store and access your files in the cloud. Air Explorer supports Backblaze accounts. If you want to add a Backblaze account, you have to add some information: You…
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Air Explorer 4.1.1, new version

List of changes:-Added Backblaze cloud support.-Added Koofr cloud support.-Fixed issue renaming folder in S3.-Fixed issue transferring files larger than 4.5GB from one cloud to S3.-Fixed issue downloading very large files from S3.-Reduced memory usage downloading files from S3.-Improved uploading files to Dropbox.-Faster synchronization with Box.-Fixed compatibility issue with Synology SFTP.-Removed 2GB file limit for HiDrive.-Fixed…
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