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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 5.0.0, new version

List of changes:-New account manager.-Accounts can be grouped in categories.-New open account tab.-Improved user interface.-Fixed adding Huawei Drive accounts.-Improved Degoo upload speed.-Fixed, it was not possible to upload files larger that 2GB to HiDrive.-Now it is possible to download Dropbox paper and Google Documents on Dropbox.-Removed Arvancloud.-Fixed wrong speed display for Box upload chunk retries.-Fixed,…
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Air Explorer 4.9.1, new version

List of changes:-Air Explorer now requires .NET 4.5 or newer.-Added support for Dropbox teams.-Avoid 429 errors on OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint.-In OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint now the 429 and 50x errors are handled better.-Removed Internet Explorer engine dependency to show integrated login pages, now Air Explorer uses Edge engine. To use the newer…
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