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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Naver (네이버 클라우드) in Air Explorer

Air Explorer supports more than twenty cloud file servers. Now, we have added Naver (네이버 클라우드), a South Korean cloud storage. Naver is currently Korea’s number one search engine and accounts for over 70% of the search market there. It also provides a news service, an e-mail service and a cloud storage service that offers 30GB…
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Air Explorer 2.3.0 new version

We have added the Korean cloud Naver and updated Onedrive for Business. List of changes: -Added Naver Cloud (네이버 클라우드). -Updated HiDrive. -Updated OneDrive for Business. -Reduced memory usage in synchronizations. -New command line command to run a synchronization without saving it first, example: startsync local “C:\MyLocalFolder” MyBoxAccount “Folder1\SubFolder” Mirror /enablehash Run AirExplorerCmd.exe startsync for…
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