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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Manage your files on the cloud with Air Explorer for Mac

Air Explorer is a cloud account manager that allows you to upload files to your accounts from both a Windows and a Mac computer. Both versions of the software are optimized for your platform. You can download them from the website. Air Explorer for Windows and Mac supports more than 35 of the most popular…
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Fast transfer files between Google accounts

When you copy/paste files between Google Drive accounts has an importan advantage. If you copy and paste files between Google shared accounts, the files are transfered directly from one account to another without going through your Pc. You can share your accounts with Air Explorer. Fisrt, open your Google accounts. Choose the folder you want…
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How can I share files with Air Explorer?

How can I share files or folder with Air Explorer? 1º-Right click on the file you want to share and select “Share Link”. 2º-A window will open and will show you the link to share the file. Anyone with this link will be able to download the file. You also can send by email the…
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