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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer for Mac 1.19.0, new version

List of changes:-Added support for Dropbox teams.-Fixed Degoo uploads and downloads.-Avoid 429 errors on OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint.-Fixed, MS Office files couldn’t be overwritten when they were uploaded to Sharepoint.-In OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint now the 429 and 50x errors are handled better.-Fixed issue uploading very large files to Google Drive with very…
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Air Explorer for Android, new version with S3

Air Explorer for Android is a mobile cloud manager with the most important clouds supported. With the app you can upload your files to your clouds from anywhere, you can create folders, transfer files between clouds and create synchronizations. Another feature you can find in Air Explorer for Android is to encrypt the files when…
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Air Explorer 4.8.1, new version

List of changes:-Fixed showing file properties did not show all the information.-Fixed issue showing a number of files or folder incorrectly sometimes in the folder properties.-Fixed rare crash when showing folder properties.-Fixed, MS Office files couldn’t be overwritten when they were uploaded to Sharepoint.-Fixed issue copying MS Office files from Sharepoint to Box due to…
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Air Explorer 2.7.0, new version

List of changes: -Added support for Sharepoint Online.-Fixed support for Yandex. It will be required to authenticate again.-Added log messages for creating folders in synchronizations when a folder already exists.-The number of configured retries now does not count the initial try.-Updated Italian translation (thanks to tfr).-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung).-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to…
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