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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Show free and used space in Air Explorer

In the lastest Air Explorer version, we have included a new panel with a pie chart to show the used and free space more clearly. In the graph the space used is represented in gray and the free space is in blue. It is a very useful tool to control the space of your cloud.…
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Cloud storage for free in Air Explorer

Cloud storage services are great for keeping documents. Many of them give you cloud storage for free and Air Explorer support them. Adding up each of them you can get a good amount of storage space in the cloud for free and with Air Explorer you can distribute your files ald folders among them. List…
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See the free space in your clouds accounts in Air Explorer

You can see the free space in your clouds accounts easily. Select the cloud account and in the bottom right corner you can see the free espace you have to work in it. You can click on number to refresh the value. And, if you stop the mouse over the number, you can see the…
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