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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Work with your Box account in Air Explorer

Air Explorer allows you direct management of your files in the cloud. It’s very easy and when you connect your Box accounts you can synchronize folders between any cloud or your computer.

First, you have to add your Box account in Air Explorer and work easily.



Open your Box account in one side and in the other, open you PC or another cloud account and order and synchronize your files.


With Air Explorer you have the option to choose a view with two panels or one panel.


If you choose one panel view, you can work as Window Explorer with your Box account.


Views in Air Explorer

Working with Air Air Explorer is very easy with its modern interface.

Once you has added all your cloud accounts, you can choose which cloud account you want to work in each panel.


The most usual way to work is open the work space with two panels, then you can drag and drop the files and folders between clouds very easily.


You can choose to work with one panel, and drag and drop between your Air Explorer and your desktop or the Explorer window.


And one more possibility is open two or more Air Explorer windows. You can use like a Explorer windows with your local files or cloud account windows.