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Air Explorer 1.8.0, new version


List of changes:

-Added Telekom AG Megenta Cloud support.
-File properties window for cloud files where many file details are shown (file type, owner, video and image details,etc) specially for some clouds like OneDrive, Google Drive and Amazon CloudDrive.
-Folder properties window for cloud folder, now it displays some information including the total size and number of items of the folder (and subfolers).
-Added search support for WebDAV, FTP, Yandex, Mail.com, Copy and other services.
-Modified Amazon search function, now the results are more reliable although it search a bit slower.
-Option in the synchronization window to show only the pending files.
-Fixed, mkv files uploaded to Google Drive were not recognized as video files in some computers.
-Fixed upload files with the character “+” in the name to Baidu.
-Removed maximum value for ftp port setting.
-Fixed bugs reported.
-Added Croatian Language (Thanks to Kresimir).
-Updated Japanese Language (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Korean Language (Thanks to JaeHyung).

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