Collaborators support for Box in Air Explorer

Collaborators support for Box in Air Explorer

Air Explorer has included some of the Box utilities as the lock function, the collaborators and the metadata features.

The collaborators for Box works like share folder in Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. But, in Box, it has some peculiarities. The first is that in the others clouds, the name in Air Explorer is “Share” and for Box, the name is “Collaborators”.

For Box, a collaborator is an individual who has been invited into a file or folder. You can find more information about collaborators here:


When you open “Collaborators”, a window opens to manage the collaborators permissons. In the next link, you can find information about the Box permissions levels:


Collaborators Box folders are shown in grey or blue like in the Box web.


You can check more information here:
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-Box Metadata support in Air Explorer

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