Naver (네이버 클라우드) in Air Explorer

Naver (네이버 클라우드) in Air Explorer

Air Explorer supports more than twenty cloud file servers. Now, we have added Naver (네이버 클라우드), a South Korean cloud storage. Naver is currently Korea’s number one search engine and accounts for over 70% of the search market there. It also provides a news service, an e-mail service and a cloud storage service that offers 30GB of free storage.

You can add Naver to Air Explorer easily (

First sign up in Naver and create your own account.





When you finish to sing up in Naver, in Air Explorer open the Account window, select the Naver logo and enter your user and password.



Then you can work with it. Naver supported in Air Explorer includes file searching, transfers to and from other servers, sharing links, etc.


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