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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer for Mac 1.20.0, new version

List of changes:-Added Aliyundrive support.-Added IDrive e2 support.-Fixed compatibility issue with some webdav servers.-Fixed Yandex.-TeraCLOUD updated to InfiniCLOUD.-Clicking on the dock icon will re.open the main window.-Fixed user interface issue with paths containin the character #.-Fixed issue reading Box folders lists that could cause duplicated items.-Fixed it was not possible to download some recently uploaded…
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Store your data in Aliyundrive

Alibaba is a Chinese virtual B2B trading platform that has its own clouds. On one side, it has Alibaba Cloud Object Storage, more used in the enterprise environment, and on the other side Aliyundrive, a cloud for home users. Air Explorer supports both Alibaba Cloud and Aliyundrive. In addition, Air Explorer supports other Chinese clouds…
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Air Explorer 5.1.0, new version

List of changes:-Added support for Aliyundrive.-Show full path on Box folder refresh errors.-Added maximum retry time for refresh folder errors.-Fixed, if a remote folder could not be refreshed the synchronization could stop.-Do not retry on some refresh folder errors.-Show error information for some refresh folder errors.