Store your data in Aliyundrive

Store your data in Aliyundrive

Alibaba is a Chinese virtual B2B trading platform that has its own clouds. On one side, it has Alibaba Cloud Object Storage, more used in the enterprise environment, and on the other side Aliyundrive, a cloud for home users. Air Explorer supports both Alibaba Cloud and Aliyundrive. In addition, Air Explorer supports other Chinese clouds such as Baidu, Nutstore, OneDrive China, SharePoint China and Huawei Drive.

Aliyundrive is a cloud where you can store, manage and browse content, as well as back it up. If you add Aliyundrive to Air Explorer, you can manage your data from the software, work with your files and create synchronizations to keep your backups up to date. You can upload files with Air Explorer from your computer to Aliyundrive and from other clouds to Aliyundrive.

The first step to start working with Aliyundrive in Air Explorer is to enter your username and password.

If you have added the cloud, you can open your PC in one window and Aliyundrive in the other, so you can easily upload files to the cloud. Once you have the files in the cloud, from Air Explorer you can open them with your usual applications, modify them and save them directly in the cloud, without having to duplicate them.

You can also move files from any cloud to Aliyundrive. For example, you can open your Baidu or Google Drive account in one window and Aliyundrive in the other, making it very easy to transfer files and folders from one cloud to another.

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