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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Country specific clouds in Air Explorer

countriesAir Explorer supports many clouds, among them the most famous as OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud DriveBox, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire,…

But Air Explorer also supports other clouds, famous in their countries of origin as Baidu, Naver (네이버 클라우드), Cloud.mail.ru and Yandex. They are very powerful clouds that we can be accessed very easily from any country and offer us a lot of storage space. Baidu give you 2TB of free storage, Yandex 10GB, Naver, 30GB and Mail.ru offers 25GB.

Don’t miss the oportunity to try these clouds with Air Explorer.


BAIDU folder in Air Explorer

Air Explorer requires a folder named AirExplorer and located in “Application Data” (全部文件) to be created. This folder is created automatically when the account is connected to Air Explorer. But if for some reason the folder is not created it is needed to be created by hand. If the folder does not exists, please create it. If it already exits delete it and try to register the account again in Air Explorer (delete the account in Air Explorer and add it again).


baidu cloud problema

Air Explorer version 1.12.1, new version


List of changes:

-Added synchronization filter option, now you can set up rules to exclude some files or folder in the synchronization, more information about the rules here: https://www.airexplorer.net/en/helpfilter.php
-Fixed, only up to 1000 items were shown in Baidu folders.
-Improved stability and fixed bugs.
-Increased the buffer size for playing videos with VLC.
-Updated Greek translation (Thanks to basikos345).
-Updated Bulgarian translation (Thanks to InvisionBG).
-Updated Lituanian translation (Thanks to Hobis).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Ukrainian translation (Thanks to Валерій).

Migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive with Air Explorer

If you want to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive or from Onedrive to Mega with Air Explorer, it is very easy.
Once you’ve registered your cloud accounts in Air Explorer, you only have to open the two clouds and drag files from one to another.

There are no limits of gigas to move from one cloud to another. Also if you have many files and the migration is too long, you can interrupt and resume it later.

Work with Baidu in Air Explorer

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China. It also provides generous cloud storage service for its user. They offer you 2TB of storage for free. You can register her:


You can work with Baidu in Air Explorer and use his 2TB of free storage. Bear in mind that Air Explorer create a folder named AirExplorer where you will find the uploaded files by Air Explorer. Air Explorer can not access the files outside that folder.