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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 3.0.4, new version

List of changes:

-Fixed adding Naver accounts.
-Mouse wheel scrolling can be used to select the account.
-Download and transfer Google Drive shortcuts.
-Fixed, moving a folder to the cloud did not delete the empty folders in the local drive.
-Fixed issues uploading large files to Box.
-Fixed transfer files from FTP servers to Box.
-Use server side copy when copying files in the same cloud using the arrows buttons.
-Improved stability.
-Dark mode fixes.
-Updated Bulgarian transltaion (thanks to InvisionBG).
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).

Air Explorer 3.0.2, new version

List of changes:

-Updated Naver support.
-Fixed search list in Dark Mode.
-Improved opening Google Drive shortcuts.
-Fixed Baidu search results text encoding.
-Fixed exception after updating Air Explorer.
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

Air Explorer 2.5.0 new version


List of changes:

-Now it is possible to transfer from Mega to other clouds.
-Fixed, some Mega accounts could not login.
-Fixed, some Naver accounts could not login.
-Fixed, some pCloud accounts could not login.
-Option to download big files in parallel chunks to get a much better download speed in high speed Internet connections. This option is only for Pro users. The server supporting this feature are Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and pCloud.
-Increased upload speeds for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.
-New setting for Box accounts to specify the number of chunks that will be uploaded in parallel.
-Fixed issue comparing file names. It could cause a conflict upload error on Box.
-Fixed error connecting to SFTP server using not the default port.
-Fixed downloading files from a folder in mail.ru with a dot at the end of the name.
-New macro {DATETIME} to include the date and the time in the command line logs file name or synchronization reports, until now only {DATE} was available.
Fixed uploading 0 bytes size files to pCloud.
-Updated Italian translation (thanks to Alex).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).
-Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung).
-Updated Malay translation (Thanks to Molokal).

Air Explorer 2.3.5 new version


List of changes:

-Updated Mega.
-Updated Naver.
-Added an option in the View menu to mount cloud drives as local drives in Windows using the Air Live Drive tool.
-Keep file dates when uploading files to OneDrive for Business.
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).
-Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Dutch translation (Thanks to Jan).


Air Explorer 2.3.4 new version

newversion 234

List of changes:
-Fixed Naver.
-Improved stability.
-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung).
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Lituanian translation (Thanks to Hobis).

Air Explorer 1.4.0. for Mac, new version

new version 1.4.0. for Mac

List of changes:

-Added Naver Cloud support (네이버 클라우드).
-Reduced memory usage.
-Shows a different icon for folders that are shared with other users.
-Added synchronization filter option.
-Fixed, in certain cases although all the sync tasks were done correctly the program reported that some tasks failed.
-Auto-refresh folders always before synchronizing.
-New option to start the synchronization automatically when the comparison finishes.
-Updated HiDrive.
-Updated OneDrive for Business.
-Updated DropBox.
-Updated Google Drive.
-Updated Box.
-Updated OneDrive.
-Fixed Mega.
-Export Goolge docs files to Box.

Country specific clouds in Air Explorer

countriesAir Explorer supports many clouds, among them the most famous as OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud DriveBox, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire,…

But Air Explorer also supports other clouds, famous in their countries of origin as Baidu, Naver (네이버 클라우드), Cloud.mail.ru and Yandex. They are very powerful clouds that we can be accessed very easily from any country and offer us a lot of storage space. Baidu give you 2TB of free storage, Yandex 10GB, Naver, 30GB and Mail.ru offers 25GB.

Don’t miss the oportunity to try these clouds with Air Explorer.


Naver (네이버 클라우드) in Air Explorer

Air Explorer supports more than twenty cloud file servers. Now, we have added Naver (네이버 클라우드), a South Korean cloud storage. Naver is currently Korea’s number one search engine and accounts for over 70% of the search market there. It also provides a news service, an e-mail service and a cloud storage service that offers 30GB of free storage.

You can add Naver to Air Explorer easily (https://cloud.naver.com/).naver01

First sign up in Naver and create your own account.





When you finish to sing up in Naver, in Air Explorer open the Account window, select the Naver logo and enter your user and password.



Then you can work with it. Naver supported in Air Explorer includes file searching, transfers to and from other servers, sharing links, etc.



Air Explorer 2.3.0 new version

newversion naver

We have added the Korean cloud Naver and updated Onedrive for Business.

List of changes:
-Added Naver Cloud (네이버 클라우드).
-Updated HiDrive.
-Updated OneDrive for Business.
-Reduced memory usage in synchronizations.
-New command line command to run a synchronization without saving it first, example:
startsync local “C:\MyLocalFolder” MyBoxAccount “Folder1\SubFolder” Mirror /enablehash
Run AirExplorerCmd.exe startsync for more help.
-New command line parameter to send the output to a file: /logfile=
It can include the macro {DATE} to include the current date in the log file name, for example:
-Scheduled tasks can now have the macro {DATE} in the log file name, in this way one log file per day with the date in YYYYMMDD format will be created.
-New option to start the synchronization automatically when the comparison finishes.
-Scheduled tasks and command line commands only output the log to their log files, never to the default Air Explorer log file.
-Fixed close synchronization window while comparing did not stop the comparison if done using the the X button.
-To save memory only the latest 10000 log lines are kept in memory and shown in the log Window. To have the full log check the log file.