Digiboxx backup tool

Digiboxx backup tool

Digiboxx is a Indian cloud storage service launched at 2020. Its servers, hosted in India, guarantee greater security and data privacy. They offer 20 GB of free storage on which you can store all kinds of documents, text files, photos, videos, etc.

Air Explorer supports a large number of clouds such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Mega, etc. Digiboxx is also one of the clouds you can work with in Air Explorer. Once you add your accounts from all your clouds in the software, you can work cloud-to-cloud and manage more efficiently the space you have on your storage services. You can move your files from Google Drive to Digiboxx from a single interface, you can back up your local drive to Digiboxx, for example, or you can back up to another cloud. Plus, Air Explorer’s scheduled synchronization tool makes it easy to keep your data in your clouds up to date.

The first thing you need to do to start working with your clouds is to add your accounts to Air Explorer. To add Digiboxx, it’s very simple. Once you have created your account, just look for its icon under “Add accounts”.

After adding your Digiboxx account to Air Explorer, you will be able to manage your files easily and securely. You will be able to create new folders to organise your documents, rename them, copy and paste them according to your needs. In addition, Digiboxx allows you to share the links of the files you upload to the platform.

Working cloud-to-cloud with Air Explorer is very easy. Just open the Explore window and you can see two different clouds at the same time. You can transfer files from one cloud to the other directly. You can also encrypt your files, both when you upload them from your computer to the cloud and when you move them from one cloud to another, so you can protect them from unauthorised access.

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