Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Air Explorer 2.5.3, new version

Air Explorer 2.5.3 new version

List of changes:

-Uploads of a large number of files are now faster and more reliable in Box.
-Added 2 factor authentication for Mega.
-New option in synchronizations to compare only files newer than a period.
Added a bandwidth scheduler, now it is possible to schedule the upload and download bandwidth limits depending on the day and hour.
-Fixed Mega can not login in some accounts.
-Pause and resume syncrhonizations.
-Fixed uploading some files to Box did not work.
-Added an option to execute a command or connect a network drive before a scheduled task is executed.
-Fixed, the duration value in the synchronization report was sometimes wrong.
-Exponential backoff retry control for Box.
-Reduced the number of API requests in Google Drive.
-Reduced the number of API requests in Box.
-Reduced the number of API requests in Dropbox.
-Reduced the number of API requests in OneDrive.
-Better handling of 403 errors on Google Drive.
-Folder structures are created faster on Google Drive.
-Use less API requests when uploading a large number of files on Box.
-Better handling of uploading a large number of small files to Dropbox.
-Synchronization filter now supports many more rules.
-Better error reporting of uploads and downloads.
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thanks to Igor).
-Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).

How to copy files from Google Drive to Onedrive?

To transfer files from cloud to cloud is very easy with Air Explorer.  First of all you have to install the software. You can downoload  Air Explorer here:

You have to add your Google Drive and Onedrive accounts. Air Explorer supports the most important clouds, you can add all you want and transfer files and folders between them.


Then you have to open in one window one cloud and the other cloud in the other window. No matter the order, you can put one on the right and one on the left indistinctly.


Finally, copy/paste or drag and drop the files or folders between the clouds. You can monitor the process in the bottom of the program, here you can follow the progress.





Backup in the cloud

Users and enterprises can use Air Explorer to backup their files in a cloud.

Once you have choosen a cloud, for example Mega, Onedrive, Google Drive, etc., you can upload your files with Air Explorer and do a complet backup. Just drag and drop the files or folders to the cloud.


When you need to update the files you can use the synchronization tool of Air Explorer to upload the new files and update the files that have changed.

sync para backup

If you want to do this periodically, you can create a scheduled job to do it, for example each day at a specified time.


In this way, you can use Air Explorer to backup your documents to Google Drive or any other cloud.

Transfer files from Mega to other clouds

Now it is possible to transfer from Mega to other clouds in Air Explorer. Until now,  you can upload files to Mega but it wasn’t possible to transfer files between Mega and other clouds. Since Air Explorer version 2.5.0, you can transfer files from Mega to other files.

Mega is a cloud server that gives you 50 GB of free for your files and add it to Air Explorer is very easy.


To start to work you only have to register in Mega and add it to Air Explorer.


Then, open Mega and the other cloud you want to work in different windows and drag all the files from one to another.


Show free and used space in Air Explorer

In the lastest Air Explorer version, we have included a new panel with a pie chart to show the used and free space more clearly.


In the graph the space used is represented in gray and the free space is in blue. It is a very useful tool to control the space of your cloud.


Air Explorer 2.5.2, new version

AIR EXPLORER 2.6.0new version

List of changes:

-Fixed in OneDrive for Business a new version of the file with the origin date was automatically created after each upload.
-New panel with a pie chart to show the used and free space more clearly.
-Renaming a file with the name encrypted will encrypt the new name if the option “Encrypt uploads” is enabled.
-Fixed uploading files to OneDrive with a # in the name.
-Fixed error changing the speeds limits.
-Fixed sort by name with encrypted file names.
-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).

Air Explorer 1.6.0. for Mac, new version


List of changes:

-Fixed compatibility issues with OS X Mojave.
-Fixed icons and texts were not correctly displayed in some computers.
-Fixed in OneDrive for Business a new version of the file with the origin date was automatically created after each upload.
-Added option to encrypt file names.
-Prevent slow or broken downloads when computer sleeps.

Air Explorer vs. Air Live Drive

Air Explorer shows your cloud files from different clouds in its own interface. This interface is optimized for accessing cloud servers (it has tabs, and a split screen to transfer files).

Air Live Drive mounts your clouds as disk drives in your computer. It allows you to use your usual tools or programs directly on the files in the cloud.


Air Explorer has other features, it allows to encrypt files, schedule automatic file transfers, synchronize folders, view and restore old file versions, etc. It has better upload and download performance since it control the full process instead of using the Windows File explorer as Air Live Drive does.


So if you prefer to have your clouds as disk drives in your computer and use them as you are used to do with the local drives go for Air Live Drive, if you want to manage the files in your clouds with better performance, synchronization and more features go for Air Explorer.


Many of our customers use both.



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