Show and hide shared folders and drives from Google Drive

Show and hide shared folders and drives from Google Drive

Air Explorer supports the most important clouds, like Onedrive, Dropbox, pCloud and, of course, Google Drive. Adding Google Drive to Air Explorer is very easy, you just have to select the Google Drive icon and, in the window that opens, add username and password.

Once Google Drive is added to Air Explorer, you can work comfortably with this cloud, uploading files and folders, making backups, scheduling synchronizations. You can even upload files to the Google Drive and encrypt them at the same time.

In Air Explorer you can see the folders that have been shared with your account, these are shown at the root of the tree grouped by the account that shares it. If you want to display them, make sure that the option “Show other’s people drives shared with me” is active. If you deactivate the option, the software will not show you the accounts.

In this window you can also configure what happens when you delete a file. By default it is marked that the files are moved to the trash when you delete it. If you want the file to be permanently deleted without going through the trash, uncheck this option.

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