Nutstore file management tool

Nutstore file management tool

Nutstore is a Chinese cloud based on the WebDav protocol. You can register and create a Nutstore account from the Chinese website And, once the account is created, you can easily add it to Air Explorer.

When you add the Nutstore account to Air Explorer you can start working with your files stored in the account. You can upload and download files, create synchronizations and schedule them to automatically make your backups, you can search for any file using the filters in the search tool, etc.

In order to add the Nutstore account to Air Explorer, you need to create a specific password in your Nutstore account.

The password can be created by logging into your Nutstore account on the website and looking for the “Security” section ( and generate a password in “Third-party Applications Management” and click on “Add App auth”.

Once your account is added to the software, you can create folders in the cloud, upload, download and rename files and folders, and you can even upload encrypted files. You can also transfer files from other clouds to Nutstore with Air Explorer. For example, if you want to move files from Google Drive to Nutstore, just open a cloud in each Air Explorer window and drag the documents from one to the other.

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