Back up and transfer Mega files


Mega is a cloud storage service that offers secure online storage for your files, photos, videos, and more. Mega stands out as an excellent choice for cloud storage due to its robust security features and generous storage space. With zero-knowledge encryption, only you and authorized recipients can access your data, ensuring privacy. Air Explorer offers easy transfers between Mega and other clouds, and improved speed for backing up to your PC.

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20GB free storage space​

Mega offers 20 GB cloud space for free and up to 16TB cloud space in the pro plan.

Zero-knowledge encryption

Only the sender and the recipient have the keys needed to access the data stored or shared on Mega. For anyone else, including Mega itself, the data appears as gibberish.

Cross-Device Access

Access your cloud files through the desktop app, mobile apps, or the web. Changes sync in real time, so you’ll always see the latest files.

File sharing

You can share files and folders with friends and colleagues, even those without Mega accounts. You have control over access levels and can set passwords or create expiring links.

Functions of Mega in Air Explorer​​

Air Explorer is an application designed to manage various cloud storage services and facilitate the transfer of data between them. You can add Mega to enjoy more functions provided by Air Explorer. Please download and test it.

Backup PC to Mega

Air Explorer offers an integrated solution for backing up your files from your PC to Mega, guaranteeing secure storage and easy retrieval.

Synchronize from Mega to other clouds

With Air Explorer, you can effortlessly synchronize other cloud services, like Google Drive or OneDrive with Mega, keeping your data safe and within reach.

Schedule Mega backups

Scheduling cloud synchronizations with Air Explorer guarantees data uniformity, mitigates the risk of data loss, and bolsters your backup plans.

Mega File Seach tool

Air Explorer’s search tool streamlines the process of finding files in the cloud, simplifying file location.

Encrypt files in Mega

Air Explorer’s encryption feature keeps your files safe and shields them from any unauthorized changes.

Command Line with Mega

The command line interface enables you to execute backups, synchronizations, and file management operations automatically within Mega.

Storage services supported by Air Explorer

With Air Explorer, manage the transfer, synchronization and security of your data across more than 40 cloud storage services.

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