Back up and transfer Dropbox files


Dropbox provides a reliable, accessible, and secure solution for storing and managing your files in the cloud. With Dropbox, you can securely store files like images, videos, CAD files, and entire folders. Access your Dropbox files from any device or platform, collaborate easily, and even work offline. When you reconnect, your edits will sync automatically. Using Air Explorer to sync and back up your data to Dropbox is a solid choice. It simplifies managing files across multiple cloud services, provides a unified interface, and offers easy transfers.

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2GB free storage space

Dropbox offers 2 GB cloud space for free and provides plans for 2 TB and above.

File backup and recovery

Dropbox ensures that your files, photos, and videos are backed up securely. Even if your hardware fails, you can easily recover your data.

Version history

Dropbox stores individual files, including early versions, for up to 30 days . This means you can restore deleted files or access previous versions without worry.

Control over data

With cloud backup, you have more control over your data, making disaster recovery simpler.

Functions of Dropbox in Air Explorer

Air Explorer is an application designed to manage various cloud storage services and facilitate the transfer of data between them. You can add Dropbox to enjoy more functions provided by Air Explorer. Please download and test it.

Backup PC to Dropbox

Ensure your files are safely backed up and readily available with Air Explorer’s smooth PC to Dropbox backup service.

Synchronize from Dropbox to other clouds

Air Explorer enables file transfers across leading cloud storage platforms and offers smooth folder synchronization between multiple clouds and your desktop.

Schedule Dropbox backups

Air Explorer provides scheduled cloud syncs that maintain data consistency, safeguard against data loss, and improve backup methods.


Locate your cloud files with ease using the Air Explorer search tool, designed to expedite file retrieval.

Encrypt files in Dropbox

Secure your files against unsanctioned alterations by using Air Explorer’s robust encryption capabilities.

DropBox Data Migration

If you need to migrate your data from your computer to Dropbox or from DropBox to another cloud, Air Explorer will perform the task.

Command Line with Dropbox

Utilize the command line interface for conducting backup, synchronization, and managing files on Dropbox.

Storage services supported by Air Explorer

With Air Explorer, manage the transfer, synchronization and security of your data across more than 40 cloud storage services.

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