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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

How to play cloud storage videos online

Air Explorer is a cloud manager that allows you to manage all your files in the clouds. You can paste and copy between clouds, sync and encrypt your files when you upload them to the clouds. You also have the option to play your videos from the cloud, the video will not be stored in your computer, it is directly played from the cloud in the video player on your computer.

Most of the clouds, like Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox, support the playing video feature, also the supported WebDav clouds. Only Mega and Naver don’t support online video play due to their own characteristics.

To play the videos, it is recommended to have VLC installed, since Air Explorer is optimized for this player and will use it automatically. If the player is not installed, Air Explorer will open the video player that you have configured by default in Windows.

Air Explorer 3.0.3, new version

List of changes:

-Updated pcloud support.
-Fixed transfer Google Docs files from Google Drive to OneDrive.
-Option to configure a root folder for SFTP connections.
-Fixed empty recycle bin in Box.
-Fixed uploading very small files to
-Improved stability.
-Updated Simple Chinese translation (thanks to Cooper).

Air Explorer dark mode

The dark theme debuts in this latest version of Air Explorer, only for computers with Windows 10 Build 1903 or newer versions. The software allows you to add the most important clouds such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox and others, and manages them easily. You can upload files to the clouds or copy between them, all from the same interface.

In Options is where you can choose the color of the theme, dark or light. If you set automatic, it will take the theme as you have Windows configured.

All windows have been adapted so that the buttons and legends are perfectly readable in the dark version. The file upload encryption feature and bookmarks can be found in the “Explore” window.

The synchronization window allows you to view the synchronization process, add filters when scheduling synchronization, and apply display filters to review synchronizations.

The Scheduler and the Search windows are also perfectly adapted to the dark mode. Searches can be done both in all clouds and choosing a single one. The tab system allows multiple searches.

If you want to try Air Explorer you can download it here:

Air Explorer 3.0.2, new version

List of changes:

-Updated Naver support.
-Fixed search list in Dark Mode.
-Improved opening Google Drive shortcuts.
-Fixed Baidu search results text encoding.
-Fixed exception after updating Air Explorer.
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

Air Explorer 3.0.0, new version

List of changes:

-Added Amazon AWS S3 support.
-Added Wasabi Cloud support.
-Added support for S3 compatible clouds.
-Dark Theme support (Windows 10 Build 1903 or newer required).
-Now Air Explorer can encrypt the files when are transfered from one Cloud to another.
-Added support for Google Drive shortcuts.
-Power rename: rename multiple files with search and replace text.
-Scheduled tasks now can encrypt the uploads or transfers between clouds.
-Extended command line commands “upload” and “transfer” to encrypt the files.
-Fixed issue getting the full path for a shared item.
-Options window redesigned.
-Fixed, can not delete files in if user name was entered without
-Show login name in login windows title.
-Fixed login issues in OneDrive.
-Email message changed for “copy” operations.
-Fixed columns order was not saved correctly sometimes.
-Improved stability.
-Updated OneDrive icon.
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated French translation (Thanks to Largo).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Simple Chinese translation (Thanks to Cooper).
-Updated Bulgarian translation (thanks to InvisionBG).

Encrypt files when you upload to the cloud

Air Explorer allows you to encrypt files when you upload them to the cloud. It is a very useful feature to protect your files and keep them more secure in case of security flaws in storage services. When you encrypt your photos, documents, videos, etc. when you upload them to the cloud you can prevent your information from being exposed.

Although the storage services such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Yandex, Box, etc. integrate their own security measures, an extra simple security measure is to encrypt the files when you upload them to your cloud so they will be more secure in the event that someone accesses your cloud.

Activating the feature is very easy, click on “Encrypt Uploads”.

When you open the encryption options, you have to choose a password to then decrypt the files. You also have the option to choose to encrypt file and folder names. If you choose these options, the file and folder names will be encrypted.

You also have the option to save the password so you don’t have to enter it every time you download your files. This option for security reasons is not recommended.

If you choose to encrypt the names of files and/or folders, you can see the original names with the button “View original file names for encrypted files”.

When you downoload your files, these will be automatically decrypted, using the previously configured password.

Air Explorer 1.8.1 for Mac, new version

List of changes:

-Improved stability.
-Reduced CPU usage.
-Reduced memory usage.
-Fixed direct video streaming from Google Drive.
-Added direct video streaming for Yandex.
-Added direct video streaming for
-Added direct video streaming for Webdav.
-Fixed, can not delete files in if user name was entered without
-SharePoint forders are now organized in Sites/Collections.
-Fixed sometimes Box asked for the password.
-Fixed login issues in OneDrive.

Air Cluster vs Air Explorer

Air Explorer allows you to add all your clouds in the same program. Air Explorer can display your uploaded files to each of the clouds in a single simple interface. This interface is optimized to access all servers, it has tabs and a split screen to transfer files and copy between clouds.

Air Cluster is a tool that joins all your clouds and creates one big cloud. By adding your cloud accounts, from the same server or from different ones, your storage space grows and you can get enough space to make your backups.

When you create a cluster and add your cloud accounts in Air Cluster, the software manages your files and distributes them through the clouds to take advantage of all the space.

Both softwares support the best clouds like Google Drive, Onedrive, Box, Dropbox, etc. Also, both softwares support SFTP and WebDav.

When you upload files to the cloud, the two softwares are able to encrypt files when you upload them. This gives extra security when you save your files in the cloud.

You can do complete synchronizations with the two softwares. Air Explorer and Air Cluster have tools to choose the type of synchronization, to save it and be able to repeat it again. Air Explorer sinchronizes cloud to cloud or local to cloud. Air Cluster sinchronizes local to cluster (group of clouds) or cluster to cluster.

An advantage of Air Explorer is that it allows you to schedule synchronizations. It is a very useful tool for, for example, scheduling regular backups.

Air Explorer also allows you to use the command line to do file transfers and syncs without opening the program.

Air Explorer 2.9.1, new version

List of changes:

-Fixed error editing scheduled tasks.
-Fixed on some computers png files uploaded to Google Drive didn’t show thumbnails.
-Added support to encrypt folder names.
-Added option to save the encryption password.
-Fixed direct video streaming from Google Drive.
-Added direct video streaming for Yandex.
-Added direct video streaming for Webdav.
-Added direct video streaming for
-Fixed sometimes Box asked for the password.
-SharePoint forders are now organized in Sites/Collections.
-Open files directly from the search results.
-Clear password box on wrong password for the startup password request.
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thanks to Igor).
-Updated Italian translation (thanks to tfr).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

How to manage your clouds recycle bin

Air Explorer has added the Recycle Bin support for Google Drive, Mega, Box, Yandex and PCloud.

The Recycle Bin is a special folder where cloud files go when you delete them, before being permanently deleted. When the file remains in the recycle bin it is easy to restore.

Clicking right buotton on a file or folder in the Recycle Bin, you can choose to delete it permanently, restore it or completely empty the trash.

In Google Drive and Mega, you have the option to move the files to the trash when they are deleted (enabled by default) or permanently delete. If you want to permanently delete, you have to unselect the option in the Parameters window.