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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Synchronization feature in Air Explorer

Air Explorer is a cloud account manager with numerous features that make your work with the cloud easier. When you work with your clouds, uploading your files, keeping them safe and updating them are the most common actions you do, for this the software has been improving its synchronization tool. Air Explorer wants to help…
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Synchronize between folders in your own PC with Air Explorer

You can check more information here:Synchronization feature in Air Explorerhttps://www.airexplorer.net/en/blog/synchronization-feature-in-air-explorer/Sharepoint file manager and synchronization toolhttps://www.airexplorer.net/en/blog/sharepoint-file-manager-and-synchronization-tool/New feature: using hash comparision to check if two files are the samehttps://www.airexplorer.net/en/blog/new-feature-using-hash-comparision-to-check-if-two-files-are-the-same/“Save and load synchronizations” in Air Explorerhttps://www.airexplorer.net/en/blog/save-and-load-synchronizations-in-air-explorer/ In this way, you can use Air Explorer as a synchronization tool for your own computer folders. You can control all your…
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“Save and load synchronizations” in Air Explorer

You can synchronize folders between clouds in Air Explorer. First you have to select the two folders to compare, and next, you have to click on the “Synchronize” button. With the “Save and load synchronizations” feature the user can save a synchronization configuration, this include the clouds and folders to synchronize and the type of…
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