Copy your Dropbox files to Google Drive

Copy your Dropbox files to Google Drive

Nowadays there are many cloud storage services where we can save our documents, and we can have accounts in one or several of these storage services and each cloud can be dedicated to different matters. If you need to transfer files from one account to another, Air Explorer makes the job much faster and easier.

For example, if you have a Dropbox account and want to transfer your documents to your Google Drive account, or vice versa, Air Explorer makes it easy.

First you have to add your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts in Air Explorer.

Once you have added your accounts in Air Explorer, you have to open the Google Drive account in one side and the Dropbox account in the other.

As if it were a Windows Explorer window, you can browse through your folders in each cloud. This way, you can choose which files or folders you want to transfer from one cloud to another.

When you have chosen which folder or document to transfer, you can drag from one side to another, copy and paste or use the arrows in the center of the interface.

Once the transfer starts, you can follow the process and see how long the process will take to complete.

If you need to do regular transfers you can use the synchronize feature and the task scheduler.

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