How to Move Files Between Cloud Services With Air Explorer

How to Move Files Between Cloud Services With Air Explorer

First, you have added accounts of Google Drive/Box/Dropbox/Yandex/Copy/OneDrive/4shared/Adrive/Baidu/Mediafire/Mega to Air Explorer. You can directly transfer files between the above cloud services  just like copy&paste files in Windows Explorer.


Let’s take Onedrive and Google Drive for example:


There are three methods. First method is just dragging file from Onedrive to Google Drive. Select the files or folders and hold the left mouse button to move it.


Second method is copying the file in the Onedrive first then pasting it in Google Drive later.


Third method is using the arrows. Select the files or folders and and click in the arrow.


You can copy&paste in both directions.

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12 Responses

  1. Shawn Zou says:

    I downloaded Air Explore 1.8.3 and installed it on my computer. After adding Baidu Yun account to it, no files could be displayed (as if it is a blank account) although there are plenty of files already uploaded to Baidu Yun. Is this a known issue with Baidu site? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Air Explorer creates a folder named AirExplorer where you will find the uploaded files by Air Explorer. Air Explorer can not access the files outside that folder.

  2. 1955dave says:

    When will the ability to transfer files between Mega be available?

  3. LE ANH DUNG says:

    Can I use Air Explorer to duplicate (or copy) a folder in Google Drive into that Google Drive (i.e the original and destination folders are in the same Google Drive)?

    • admin says:

      @Le Anh Dung
      You can duplicate a folder in Google Drive, copy the folder and paste it in another location in the same Google Drive.

  4. LE ANH DUNG says:

    Can Air Explorer AUTOMATICALLY remove (permanently delete) files that are already uploaded to Google Drive to free up HDD storage?

  5. jamshaid ali says:

    hi there i would like to know that after installing AirExplorer into my pc at the first screen it displayed all the cloud services like one drive, drop box etc when i choosed google drive from it and after signing into my google drive it shows all the files which i have there but i would like to know how can i actually switch between all those services like drop box etc with key board as i am blind and using the screen reader.i. i tried alot but i could not understand the layout of the software.thanks

    • admin says:

      @jamshaid ali
      than you for your interest in Air Explorer. We are sorry for the inconveniences. You can use CTRL+TAB key combination to change between the accounts you added or to the screen where you can add more accounts.

  6. Anon says:

    I’m already added baidu account to air explorer, but when i tried to log in, it says can’t login to baidu. What is it?

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