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Air Explorer, the multicloud manager

Amazon S3 file manager and backup tool

Air Explorer supports the most important clouds, WebDav an FTP and SFTP, also clouds with the S3 protocol like Amazon S3.
Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is one of the most importants cloud storage services and with Air Explorer you can manage your files, make backups or synchronize your folders on your Amazon S3.

To start using Amazon S3, first you have to add your account to Air Explorer.

Once you have added your account, you just have to open your cloud in one of the windows.

You can upload all your files to your Amazon S3 to share or save them. You can also make your backups in the cloud and use the synchronization tool to keep all the files in your cloud updated.

Air Explorer 1.9.0 for Mac, new version

List of changes:
-Added Amazon AWS S3 support.
-Added Wasabi Cloud support.
-Added support for S3 compatible clouds.
-Updated mail.ru support.
-Fixed, some pcloud accounts could not be added.
-Fixed some ftp accouns could not be added.
-Fixed adding Naver accounts.
-Fixed problem with Google Drive and disks containing the character “/” in the name.
-Show error information when a delete operation fails in Google Drive.
-Show the speed in MB/s for speeds faster than 1000 KB/s.
-Better control of upload requests for Dropbox.

Air Explorer 3.0.0, new version

List of changes:

-Added Amazon AWS S3 support.
-Added Wasabi Cloud support.
-Added support for S3 compatible clouds.
-Dark Theme support (Windows 10 Build 1903 or newer required).
-Now Air Explorer can encrypt the files when are transfered from one Cloud to another.
-Added support for Google Drive shortcuts.
-Power rename: rename multiple files with search and replace text.
-Scheduled tasks now can encrypt the uploads or transfers between clouds.
-Extended command line commands “upload” and “transfer” to encrypt the files.
-Fixed issue getting the full path for a shared item.
-Options window redesigned.
-Fixed, can not delete files in Mail.ru if user name was entered without @mail.ru
-Show login name in login windows title.
-Fixed login issues in OneDrive.
-Email message changed for “copy” operations.
-Fixed columns order was not saved correctly sometimes.
-Improved stability.
-Updated OneDrive icon.
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated French translation (Thanks to Largo).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Simple Chinese translation (Thanks to Cooper).
-Updated Bulgarian translation (thanks to InvisionBG).