Google Drive files shared with me in Air Explorer

Google Drive files shared with me in Air Explorer

If you have a Google Drive account, mayby you are seeing others people files because they shared some files with you (they gave you access). You can enter to your Google Drive via the official web interface and you will see also others people files shared with you in the “Shared with me” section.


Air Explorer only shows what you have access because they gave you access, it is completely impossible for Air Explorer to show others people drives if they din’t give access to you. If you don’t give access to your files you don’t have to worry.

Currently Google Drive has no way to stop others people to share with you files. They can do it by mistake, spam or other reasons. If you don’t want to see the files shared with you by other people you can enter in the Accounts list click on “Edit” and click on “Parametes” then uncheck “View others people drives shared with me” Then restart Air Explorer.

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